The primary application of RIFTELEN N15 membrane is in desk filters for filtration of wide range of products. Membranes are supplied in a form of sheets of sizes 20×43 and 40×86 cm. Their advantage is an easy installation by folding them over the desk of the filter – one sheet can therefore make up for two cellulose desks. In some cases, it is necessary to use a special sealing which can be upon request provided by the distributor, in order to achieve 100% performance of the membrane.


The performance of desk filters with RIFTELEN N15 membranes increases from at least 100% up to 200%, in comparison with cellulose desks. Therefore, the filtration process is at least half the time shorter, too. Another advantage of using RIFTELEN N15 membrane is keeping the working pressure at lower rates. Circulation is not required prior to filtration and the process can begin immediately. RIFTELEN N15 membrane can be regenerated and reused for few to tens of filtration cycles. All these factors lead to economical filtration that saves both time and material. Furthermore, no aftertaste or particles are left after the filtration, unlike in filtration through cellulose desks which are still widely used.


Transmembrane pressure during the filtration process should not exceed 2 bar. Termination of filtration and reversed flush-out or removal of RIFTELEN N15 membrane is recommended after reaching transmembrane pressure of 1,8 bar.

FILTR D18 – classic

FILTR D18 – stainless steel